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Michael Holiday The Loft Freestyle

Michael Holiday The Loft Freestyle PREMIERE Michael Holiday The Loft Freestyle Produced and Performed by Michael Holiday. Find This Artist On Social Media Instagram Soundcloud Youtube Released By Innovative Entertainment Premiered On The Artist Source BLOG Michael Holiday Innovative Entertainment ... Official BLOG Of IE Official Videographer RAWRichFilms Mixed And Mastered At @InnovativeEntertainment LISTEN TO THE FOLLOW UP SINGLE ON THE BOTTOM HERE: WATCH THE TRAP A LOT MUSIC VIDEO SHOT BY @rawrichfilms HERE: https://yo

18 Karo Get The Bag Sis Review

18 Karo  Get The Bag Sis REVIEW In her debut single as a rapper, we have 18 Karo with her Single Get The Bag Sis  showcasing a female lyricist that could hang with the fellas anyday.  This song has a raw, imperfect, new sound that we can tell is going to shape into something amazing.  This artist is known for being social and in the miami underground scene. Check out her socials and connect below. CONNECT OR BOOK ARTIST BELOW: SPOTIFY  INSTAGRAM YOUTUBE APPLE #18Karo #GetTheBagSis #TheArtistSource

YoZ - RESTLESS ( Official Music Video )

YoZ - RESTLESS ( Official Music Video ) RESTLESS Director/DP: @elijah.wells AD: @kvsh240 1st AC: @d_visionz_ 2nd AC: @tigresstani Set Photography: @lastname.bru . Producers: @lastname.bru & @tigress_visuals Song produced by Speaker Bangerz Available on all streaming platforms! THE ARTIST SOURCE OPINION This artist is very consistent. Has a smoothe voice and sounds like he would fit in the Rap HIP HOP Moody Autotune Genre of music. His visuals are unique, entertaining, and well focused. He is building his character and story well. ARTIST TO WATCH OUT FOR! FOLLOW AND CONNECT BELOW APPLE MUSIC SPOTIFY SOUNDCLOUD YOUTUBE TWITTER #theartistsource #yoz #restless